Maya the Silken WIndhound, dog, Long Haired,Borzoi,Whippet

Talisman's Renaissance Platinum

Opinionated perpetual motion machine, Ronan and Xerox's little firecracker child Maya from the Talisman-Rennaissance co-bred Nobel Metals litter is an incredibly affectionate, hyperintelligent four-legged Einstein with a wicked sense of humor. While she needs introductions to people she isn't familiar with, with those that she knows, she's an incredible character.

Maya the Silken Windhound with a scarf

Maya staying warm

Despite being born in Iowa in the freezing cold winter at Renaissance , Maya by far prefers California's warmer climate, and when she's not flying through the air, is a warmth and comfort seeker of the first caliber. And she will let you know if she deems the situation comfortable or warm enough.

Maya the Silken Windhound at the beach

Maya in the surf at the beach

We co own Maya with Linda Sinclair and Steve Tradewell, Ardent Hounds, who also have her brother long suffering wrestlemania and chase the bunny partner Oz!

Maya the Silken and the rocks

Maya at the beach at Ft Funston

Maya broke her leg chasing after a deer in the woods, and is taking it easy as she fully recovers. We hope to see her in the show ring when she's up for it!

Maya, Silken Windhound

Maya's portrait at a year

Maya on the beach 2012

Maya, Silken Windhound Profile

Maya and Linda

Maya and Surfer, two Silken Windhounds

Maya and her pal Surfer

Maya returning from a run on the beach

Maya the Windhound Stacked

Maya stacked at a year

Maya the Silken Windhound puppy

Maya at ten weeks of age in Colorado!

Maya's Pedigree


Reg # 2008-222/02

CEA: Clear

MDR1: Clear

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