Ronan the Silken Windhound at Talisman Hounds

Ronan at four years old

Multiple Best in All Breed Show, Reserve Best in All Breed Show, Multiple Nationals Award of Merit Winner, Multiple Best of Breed, Best of Breed Opposite Sex in Specialty Show, ISWS Champion, NAKC, American and Canadian Grand Champion, IABCA UCICB, JuA Int Champion

# 6 OFC Silken Windhound of 09-10 season!

# 8 OFC Silken Windhound of the 10-11 season!

Talisman's Byzantine Empire

Ronan in the ring at the Nationals 2011, photo Dave Mills

Dedicated beach bum and unrepentant affection hog, Ronan is our home-grown , high velocity couch clown. His name was picked out by an Irish pal of mine , and is an ancient Celtic word with several meanings ; a promise, a pledge, and a “little seal”. Very early on in life, Ronan took his name to heart and decided that he was, indeed, part seal.

Ronan the Talisman Silken Windhound playing in the ocean waves off the coast of California

He’s a super-soaker swamphound, and loves water even more than his sire Gideon. He adores watching, playing with, and diving into any sort of water. Clean, dirty, salty, fresh, a trickle, a stream, a puddle, a pond, an ocean, it mostly doesn't seem to matter to him . The only bodies of water he's ever been the least bit suspicious of are full sized swimming pools, and bathtubs clearly set up to wash dogs . He spent much of his young puppyhood splashing and diving into the kiddie pool in my yard, and getting into trouble stalking the garden hose.

His super soaker antics at home became increasingly more hazardous to the floors and furniture as he grew, so the kiddie pool in the yard was discontinued before algae started growing on his fur and on the couch. The couch is actually already green, but a green Silken Windhound would be more difficult to explain.

Ronan has been limited to pursuing his aquatic interests at home only when the garden is watered, but is allowed much more extensive research on our trips out to the Pacific Ocean.

Ronan , Talisman Silken Windhounds in the Pacific Ocean

Ronan loves playing with other sighthounds, especially his silken windhound siblings. He has been involved heavily in researching effective play techniques with slower breeds of dog , but it's plain to see that at this age, in his heart he clearly prefers his play at a higher speed. He is lucky to have several siblings and half siblings regularly indulge his preferences by coming out at the beach for romps through the surf. Many of them, like his half sister
Dita, and his full brother Loki also share his passion for speed and all things aquatic.

Ronan and Sazi , brother and sister Talisman Silken Windhound, in the field of flowers

Ronan and Sazi at Barron's Borzoi photo Dave Mills

His main partner in canine crime is his full sister Sazi. She is his best canine pal and best playmate. When not asleep, or charging around on the beach, they can often be seen at Talisman wrestling, playing tag, or, when they were puppies, hanging onto either end of a sock or a shirt they have fished out of the closet. We’ve had several wardrobe casualties caused by this dynamic tugging duo, and we're glad they've outgrown such things now.

Ronan the Silken Windhound at Talisman Hounds

Ronan at Purina Farms for the Silken Windhound Nationals 2007 photo by Crystal B

Ronan is , actually, underneath all that white, a red brindle dog. The only way you can tell at all about what his color really is, is to look at his ears, which have some very tiny spots of red brindle on them. His nose and eye pigment are black, and his eyes are so black that it’s hard sometimes to see his pupils. There are now several mostly white Silken Windhounds in the breed , which is a big change from just a few years ago, when there were none at all !

BRNC Racing Practices Nov 07 photo Dave Mills

Ronan’s a very affectionate and social boy, and really loves just about all people, especially children of all ages. At home, when not playing with his sire Gideon or his sister Sazi, he is usually trying to drape himself over a person, or rolling around trying to get someone, anyone, to rub his belly. He's at his most blissfull when he's managed to surround himself with a number of kids or adults all willing to pet him at the same time.

Ronan the Talisman Silken Windhound , show stack Reserve Best in Show

Rarities/NAKC show, December 2006
Winners Dog , Best of Winners , Best of Breed , Group 1 , Reserve Best in Show! Photo John Seibel

In his very first IABCA show weekend of four shows and four judges in Antioch Ca in 2005, Ronan was a Multiple Best Puppy in Breed winner and Best in Hound Puppy Group winner over many other AKC and rare hound breeds. His wins at the age of 9 months made him a puppy champion in the IABCA venue, earning him the title of JU.A Ch.

Ronan at the Silken Windhound Nationals 2007 photo Mary Childs

Judges comments were very favorable, and in his written critiques they wrote:
"Outstanding movement for age", "Beautifully shaped head", "Free light gait", "Promising young dog".
In between shows, he spends all his time sleeping on his side, or upside down, so we have to wake him up and make sure he isn’t too groggy going into the ring. He's even slept through a couple of Basenji yodeling sessions, and a Aussie singalong .

Ronan has had a strong showing at NAKC shows, and is a lovely hound to show, he really enjoys being in the ring .

In December of 06, under AKC judge Marilyn Dromgoole, he went Winners Dog for his first five point major, then went Best of Breed over several Specials , Best in Group, and then went all the way to be awarded Reserve Best in Show!

In April of 07, Ronan really came into his own, getting his Ch in Rarities, garnering several Best of Breed awards, and under judge Catherine Croft, going all the way to get his first Best in Show ribbon !

Ronan the Silken Windhound stacked at Silkenfest 2007

Ronan stacked at the Silken Windhound Nationals 2007 Photo Dan Gauss Shot on Sight

He returned to IABCA in September of 07, accompanied by his sister Sazi, and several Silken Windhound pals, and got his IABCA UCICB Ch! He also managed to get four Best of Breeds, and Group 2 and 3 awards!

In Oct of 07, Ronan also won Reserve Winners Dog at our very large Western Regional Specialty!

Ronan Silken Windhound with Cyndi Dell of Morgandell Borzoi

Ronan's Reserve Winners Dog Western Regional 07 Photo Dave Mills

Win Pictures from Western Regional 07

Ronan trotting at the Western Silken Windhound Regional Specialty in California 07

photo Dave Mills

In April of 2008, at a Rarities/NAKC Show weekend, Ronan won two Best of Breed Opposite Sex awards , and a Best in Show under judge Patricia Gail Burnham!

Ronan finished his ISWS Championship at the Western Regional Specialty "Boofest" in 2008, going Best Bred By Dog , Winners Dog , Best Bred By, Best of Winners , and Best Opposite Sex in Specialty Show under AKC Borzoi , Whippet , and Greyhound judge Helen Brettell of Lost Creek Whippets!

Helen's comment about Ronan: "Very correct, with fantastic side movement!"

Best of Breed was his half sister Dita!

Ronan's Best Bred By, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Opp Sex awards to finish his ISWS Ch at the Western Regional Specialty 08!

We were notified that Ronan has completed the requirement of defeating 15 Rarities Ch's in competition to qualify for his Rarities Grand Champion title! Ronan is one of the first few Silkens to be awarded this title!

At the 2009 Silken Windhound National Show, Ronan won an Award of Merit out of the Best of Breed class from judge Sandy Simmons of Aldemoore Borzoi!

Ronan winning an Award of Merit at the Silken Windhound Nationals 2009

Ronan has many good points that will hopefully carry on into the breed in the future . He's got a perfect scissors bite , large teeth, a long graceful neck, very dark almond-shaped eyes, balanced angles, sound, strong and balanced movement, substance, black pigment, and a very long, well carried tail wtih fringing that drags five inches long on the ground when he's standing .

Ronan the Silken Windhound wins UKC match

Ronan wins BOS at the first Silken Winhound exhibition matches prior to becoming a fully accepted UKC breed!

Ronan awarded AOM at the Silken Windhound Nationals 2011 in Calistoga Ca under

judge Pat Murphy of Oaklahara Borzoi, handled by Audrey Hsia , photo Dave Mills

Ronan and Rhett, Silken Windhounds, at play on the beach on the California Coastline

Ronan, seen here above with his pal Rhett, is like his dam Sheba and sire Gideon, in that he loves to run!

He's had a very nice start to his race career in the fall of 2006, despite the fact that there wasn’t a pond or an ocean at the end of the race he easily could dive into.

photo Dave Mills

Ronan started off his first day in his racing career with two first place finishes, barreling up the course to win. His third race of the day, he wound up actually finishing the race first, but ran so wide he didn't actually pass over the official finish line!

At his second race day, even though I am very sure his head isn't quite wrapped around the game as yet, Ronan blazed his way to win his races and his first two points towards his Straight Racing Championship! He has alot of power and speed, but we are waiting for his goofy brain cells kick in!

Ronan the Talisman Silken Windhound head study in the garden

On 3/28/2008 Ronan became a father for the first time ! Siring a litter out of the lovely and tiny 19 1/2 inch tall Kristull Xerox. This is a co bred litter between Renaissance Hounds and Talisman Hounds, and the three girls and two boys were born in Iowa! The litter theme is " Noble Metals ". His son
Oz, at the Silken Windhounds of California Western Regional Specialty show in 08 took Reserve Winners Dog!

Ronan camouflaged at the Silken Windhound Nationals in Colorado

Ronan wins a number four placement at the second ever Silken Windhound OFC event under judge Bob Bulman!

Ronan started an OFC career in the winter of 2010, and found a new passion. He wound up placing number 6 OFC Silken Windhound for the 09-10 season!

We’re really looking forward to seeing Ronan continue to develop. His striking looks, love for running, and lovely movement are making their mark in the show ring !

Ronan's Pedigree


Height : 25 inches

Reg # : 2005-140/05

Health Tests

MDR1: Carrier

OFA Cardio :
Normal SWH-CA7/27M/C-PI
Normal SWH-CA7/13M/P-PI

OFA Thyroid :
Normal SWH-TH5/27M-PI
Normal SWH-TH5/13M-PI

Normal SWH-112/2007--28

Normal SWH-112/2005--11

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