This is a co bred litter between Chris Swilley at Renaissance Hounds's little girl, Kristull Xerox, and our Ronan here at Talisman. This litter is California bred and Iowa born!

MBIS RBIS Nationals AOM winner ISWS, Rarities Gr Ch IABCA Int Ch Talisman's Byzantine Empire x Kristull Xerox

1 Year


Renaissance Talisman Rhodium

Reisling shares his home with three other hounds !


Talisman Renaissance Platinum

Maya is living the California dream with her very own mini human playmate, doggie playmates, and a doting extended family. She started her show carreer at the Western Regional Specialty in 08, and will be strutting her stuff in the show ring in 09!

" Hope "

Renaissance Talisman Tantalum

Hope is living happily in the inland Northwest with Jeff and Peggy Bryan. She is a very mellow dog with tons of energy to run when the opportunity arises. She lives happily with three other dogs, two cats, two horses, two goats, a guinea pig, a parrot, and five children. She is a complete Daddy’s girl and expects to be pampered. Her favorite activity this winter was chasing snowballs in deep snow and grabbing pocket gophers from below two feet of snow. Hope is the answer to seven years of waiting on her Daddy’s part to have another Windhound. He is glad he waited for such a perfect companion. Hope has already been the inspiration for two new and future Windhound-adopting families!


Talisman Renaissance Osmium

Mr. Oz is the resident "Metals" kid here at Talisman. He's the rabble rouser, the trickster, the scamp, and beloved by all the hounds who retain a sense of humor, and an urge to play in the household. ( Meaning, exactly none of the old ladies <G>). He's an incredibly outgoing man-about-town, and his favorite way to greet strangers is the full body drape. He is about as social as a Silken Windhound can get, which is both fun and massively inconvenient for the humans depending on the situation. His goal in life is to get me to bring a toy dog playmate into the household for his continued amusement, and to be able to meet everyone in the world.

He's only been shown twice, but wound up taking Reserve Winners Dog at his first Regional Specialty show from the 6 to 9 month class!

" Iris "

Renaissance Talisman Iridium

Wild Iris Elise Moon is the resident wee Diva at Blue Sky Borzoi in coastal North Carolina. She has four Borzoi, another Silken, and two cats as housemates. Her Peffer Mama and Daddy slam flat adore her, and she sleeps with them every night. A feminine beauty, she also loves to play and run hard and fast. As she matures, more confidence will find her at the straight races, lure coursing, and shows. She is loving and sweet as sugar, and has her Daddy Ronan's talent for self-petting, seeking out any idle hand to stroke her head. She is also a GREAT watchdog.

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