Week 8 and 10!

This litter is co-bred with Steve Tradewell, Linda Sinclair, and Rosy Sinclair-Chin at

Ardent Hounds !

UKC Ch, ISWS Ch, IABCA Ch, ICKC Ch, Talisman's Ursa Major SRCXX, SGRC 2, ISWS LCC, OTRC x Talisman Renaissance Platinum

Rinjin is coming into his own and showing off his happy personality by snuggling into any available lap he can find! He's liking playing with the lure, and we're hoping he follows in his Daddy Teddy's very fast pawsteps!

His name translates as luminous being, and it is a name of a dragon from Japanese mythology who is revered as the god of the sea. Rinjin the dragon uses turtles as messengers, and controls tides.

The top two pics are at 10 weeks, the third at 8 weeks!

Saphira , LURE CRAZY, outgoing, fearless, adventurous, and happy, Saphira is the first into, over, and through everything of the litter! She is very appropriately named after the incredible heroine dragoness from the Inheritance/Eragon series of books

The top two pics are at 10 weeks, the third at 8 weeks!

Top two pics at 10 weeks, third at 8 weeks!

Falkor, like his other sibs thinks that the lure might be a fun game too, he's still super social, super cuddly, like his brother, likes lure games too! He's named for Falkor the luck dragon, a character from the much beloved "Neverending Story" book. Luckdragons are beings made from fire and air, and as such have the powers of flight and breathing fire as well as incredible luck.

Pups and Alexandria exploring the garden!

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