Teddy the Silken WIndhound, dog, Long Haired,Borzoi,Whippet

Teddy at the beach in 2011 photo Steve Tradewell

Multiple Reserve Best in All Breed Show, UKC Ch, ISWS Champion, ICKC Champion,

Talisman's Ursa Major


Two time Silken Windhound Nationals Straight Race Winner, 2009 and 2011!

Five time Western Regional Specialty Straight Race Winner 2008 to 2012!

#1 straight racing Silken Windhound 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 !

#1 Oval Track Silken Windhound of 2009!

#1 OFC Silken Windhound of 09-10 Season!

One of the first two Oval Track Ch's in the breed!

First ISWS combined straight racing, oval track, conformation, and lure coursing Ch!

Teddy stacked in 2008

I was on the phone with a friend when Teddy first stood up straight as a puppy, and I remember saying to my friend, " oh boy, this one is going to be so special". And so he grew up to be one of the most special Silken Windhounds ever born.

Speedster gentlemen Teddy is the lovely brother to Helios and Garibaldi from the Mythos litter. He's co-owned with Terri Campbell of Aigrette Silken Windhounds and Forteviot Scottish Deerhounds , and spends his free time playing with his Silken friends, litter sister Phoenix and his diminutive girlfriend Xerox, and Xerox's two daughters with Dresden , Gemma , and Poppy, As competitive as he is in the field, at home he's incredibly polite and funny.

Teddy's National race meet 2009 #1

Teddy is the record holder for the youngest all National points winning SRC ( Straight Racing Champion ) running to his SRC undefeated at 15 months of age, and youngest SRCX ( Straight Racing Chamipion Excellent ) in the breed .

Teddy's National race meet 2011 #1

Teddy's FIFTH Western Regional race meet 2012 #1 !!

Teddy in a high point race at BRNC

He also was the very first Silken Windhound to achieve the third leg in the Straight Racing Championship, his SRCXII in Jan 09, and was the first SRCXIII in May of 09 and his SRCXIV in Oct of 09 ! Teddy earned his SRCXV in April of 2010, making his National Point total 150, and in 2011 earned his SRCXVI with 184 National Points!

In 2012, the first year Silkens could compete officially in LGRA, Teddy earned his SGRC3! He's currently an SRCXXI in ISWS points!

Teddy at Talisman on his vacation in 2011

Teddy's earned all his racing points with just a single #2 placement in his career. He's also the first and only dog to win the National race meet twice, in 2009 and 2011! He is the top racing hound in ISWS history!

teddy, Silken Windhound

Teddy's running to poke me with his nose!

Gentleman Teddy has inherited his Mother Sheba's power, and sense of direction, and his Father Connor's speed, but luckily not Connor's unique running patterns. He's also inherited his Father Connor and HIS Father Fox's famous "pokey nose ". You never know when the pokey nose is coming, just that when you live with a dog with the pokey nose gene, nose poking is inevitable.

Teddy's second Nationals race win, Calistoga, Ca 2011 Photo Dave Mills Photography

In November of 08, was also part of the very first official oval track race for the breed in our brand new oval track program. He emerged the winner, with 21 meet points, 3 Nat'l (NOTRC) & 3 Ch (OTRC) points and one leg each on the intermediate titles of SJOR and SSOR ! He completed his SJOR in 09, and emerged the #1 oval track Silken in the breed.

Teddy running the first oval track meet for Silkens in Nov 2008 photo by Rick Steele , Scirocco Hounds

In 2010 Teddy was one of the first two Silken Windhounds to earn Oval Racing Championships on the same weekend!

Teddy approves of this whole beach thing, photo Steve Tradewell

Teddy had his first beach outing while on vacation with us in 2011, and had a blast charging up and down the cliffs and beach, and took his first dip in the Pacific! He tried to convince me we needed to take home a Pug pal he made fast friends with, but we assured him we were a fast dog only household, and if he really needed his own personal Pug, he'd have to talk to his Mom Terri when she got back home from her European trip!

Sally, Terri and Teddy with the number one ribbon! Photo Sciroccohounds

Teddy won the very first ISWS Open Field Coursing event in 2010 under judge Sally Barron, and was second in the very next ISWS OFC event under Bob Bulman!

Bob, Terri, and Teddy with the number 2 ribbon!

The next season we were officially a NOFCA breed, and could run competitvely in OFC with other Sighthounds!

Teddy at the Pacific Ocean, photo Steve Tradewell

I've been incredibly honored to have bred a dog like Teddy, and he really embodies my goals for breeding, an all around hound, good at all sighthound sports, and a dream to live with!

Teddy and Helios on one of the hills at Talisman

Teddy and his brother Helios are good friends, seeing each other at comptitions and socially regularly. They share many traits in common, speedy hobbies, enthusiasm for off leash hikes, and a love of chicken, though Helios appears to not have gotten the pokey nose.

Teddy thinks the cliffs and ice plants are just as cool as the beach! Photo Steve Tradewell.

Teddy at 7. 2 weeks

Teddy also easily finished his NAKC International Championship his first few months showing, and finished his ISWS Ch in 2010 at the Western Regional Specialty with a WD under judge Annie Chamberlain!

In 08, he became a father to three lovely daughters when bred to Kristull Daquiri at Morgandell Borzoi and Silken Windhounds , one of whome is already a multiple best of breed ISWS and NAKC show Ch, and another set of three lovely daughters on November 14th when bred to Kristull Xerox at Aigrette Silkens, you can see the puppies here! In 2012, Teddy fathered his first sons, with two boys and a girl in yet another litter trio! Puppies here!

Teddy 's 6 week vocational aptitude test ,

the straight racing lure did not survive the experience

Teddy's Pedigree


Reg # 2006-185/06

Height : 23 3/4

OFA tested Cardiac/Thyroid/CERF 2007,2009,2010

OFA Cardiac:

Oct 10 2010 WH-CA87/49M/C-VPI

OFA Thyroid:

Oct 10 2010 SWH-TH68/49M-VPI


Oct 10 2010 SWH-220

MDR1: Carrier

DM: Clear

CEA: n/m

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