6 and 7 months old!

The Aquatic kids are growing up nicely! The three girls, being in California, and not having to deal with the much reduced show opportunites because of snow the one boy had to deal with in the Eastern US, have gotten multiple Best puppy in Group awards, with two getting Best Puppy in Show awards, and one getting a Best Puppy in Specialty Show award already!

The whole gang is outgoing and a nice blend of their Moms directness and humor, and their Dad's politeness and affection. They all seem to share their parents love of the lure!

Oddly, they are all growing more coat then either of their parents ever showed at this age...

BPIS MBOW ISWS Ch, NAKC Ch, IABCA Ch, Talisman of Merovingian SRC x RBIS MBISS ISWS Ch, NAKC Int Ch. IABCA Ch Talisman's Anasazi Sunrise SRC

Specialty Winners Bitch, Best Puppy in Show, Talisman's Sunburst Anthias

" Anthias"

Best Puppy in Show, Best Puppy in Specialty Show, Talisman's Arabian Angel

" Ivy "

Multiple Best Puppy in Group, Talisman's Mandarin Dragonet


This is Mandi with her best buddy Beckett!

Talisman's Emperor Angel

" Patrick "

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