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Welcome to the Silken Windhound webpages of Talisman Hounds, home of living, breathing, art .
Our focus is on having Silken Windhounds who excel in performance, beauty, and who are exquisite companion hounds.

talisman hounds Silken Windhound art of Silken Caliban

Silken Windhounds for the show ring, racing , coursing fields, and the home.
The Silken Windhound is a rare American Sighthound breed we've been working with since 1999.
The Silkens that reside in our home , and those that we have bred , have been tested, and have , over the years we've
been in Silken Windhounds , proven to excel in many avenues in both Silken Windhound Specialty eventsand all-breed events ,
at straight and oval track races, open field coursing , lure coursing the show ring nationally and internationally , as service dogs, as agilty dogs, and as healthy, lovely companions.
In addition to these pages of the Silkens that grace our home or who are co owned at homes of others, you can learn more about
Silken Windhounds at the breed club site
International Silken Windhound Society
And the California Breed club website:
Silken Windhounds of California

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